Making The Move From Vegetarian To Vegan: What You Need To Know

If you're currently eating a vegetarian diet, congratulations! Eliminating meat is a huge win for your health, and it's likely that you've already noticed how much better you feel when you eat a plant-based, vegetarian diet. If you're ready to feel even better, you may be thinking about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Here are some things that you need to know before you choose to eliminate all animal products.
* Decide how far you're going to go. Many vegans eliminate all animal products from their lifestyle, including non-food products. This can mean moving to non-leather shoes, not purchasing vehicles with leather elements, etc. Others choose not to buy any new animal products but do not get rid of animal products that they already own. Decide how you feel about using animal products in your daily life as you transition to a vegan diet.

* Take it slow. You don't have to go to vegan all at once. Eliminating a few things at a time can be an easier way to make the switch to getting animal products out of your diet.

* Hire a vegan coach. Working with someone who has made the transition from vegetarian to vegan on their own can help you navigate some of the roadblocks you'll face as you make the transition. While you can go it alone, there's no reason to when a vegan coach can help you make the move smoothly and comfortably.